Updated 7 months ago by Cris Villar

In the General sub-section of your landbot's Settings, we can perform basic actions like disabling our landbot or changing its name. 

The options in this section are:

  1. Landbot name. Change the name you'll internally use for your landbot.
  2. branding. Use this feature to remove the "Create your Landbot" from the bottom of your Landbots. Learn more about removing branding from our pricing page.
  3. Typing Emulation.  Use this feature if you want Bot messages are delayed to let users read them progressively. Learn more.
  4. Disable Landbot.  Here you can disable your Landbot; obviously, you can reactivate it whenever you want. 
  5. Delete Landbot. This feature allows you to definitely eliminate your Landbot. 
You can only remove branding in Professional and Business accounts.

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