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Once you log into the app you'll see your dashboard. Let's discover what you can do from here:

The menu on top shows you the main sections of the app (as well as the number of remaining chats in case you're in the Sandbox plan):

Dashboard: The section we're in, with our landbots, the templates, and the possibility to create new ones. 

  • Chats: the section where we can see the conversations of every landbot, and jump in as a human agent when needed. Learn more.
  • Settings: Where we can modify our company and subscription information. Learn more.
  • Help: direct access to our Knowledge Base and the Support Team. Learn more.
  • User: use it to change your connection status, modify your account details or log out.

Next, you'll find the following three sections:

  • Pick a template: Landbot provides some templates so you don't have to start from scratch every time. Click on any of them and a copy will automatically appear in the "My landbots" section!
  • Your landbots: All the landbot's you've ever created with information on its name and number of chats. Click on any of them to edit it.

You can duplicate or delete any of them by clicking on the document and bin icons. 

Click on the + sign to create a new landbot at any time!

  • Other chatbots: the app gives you the possibility to create chatbots for other channels, such as WhatsApp (for existing customers only) and Messenger. When clicking on any of them, you'll be prompted to integrate a channel and create a chatbot for it using the same builder as for a native landbot (you'll find some limitations due to format restrictions on external channels). 

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