Conditional Logic

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Conditional Logic allows you to hyper-personalize your final User Experience. Make sure a field exists or equals something specific and bring contextualized experiences to your visitors!

Note: Conditional Logic is only available on premium accounts.

To create a Conditional Logic block, click on Power-Ups and then Conditional Logic inside the chatbot builder:

Then, select if you want to split the flow depending on the existence ( set...) of a field, the fact that it's equal (...equals...) to something or that the visitor's message containing a specific keyword ("the last user answer contains"). For the first two conditions, select any of the fields in the first drop-down. For keyword trigger, select "The last user answer".

Example: Sending visitors with a specific email through a personalized path.

In this example we'll split the path as follows: if the field @email equals (=) - aka some important pal at Alphabet - we'll ask about Google. If not, we'll just ask the name:

The green line is followed when the field (email) does equal If there's no coincidence, landbot will follow the red line!

Example 2:  Using the keyword "pricing" to deliver custom information.

In this other example, we ask users an open question and will lead them to different blocks if their response contains the keyword "pricing":

If the visitor's answer to the previous Ask a question block contains the word "pricing", the flow will continue the green line. If it doesn't, the red will be followed.  

Finally, remember that:

    • "=" means equal to​;​
    • "!=" means not equal to​;​
    • "contains" checks for the presence of a determinate value in a variable​;​
    • "Is set" means that a certain variable "exists" for a determinate customer.  

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