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You can integrate any Facebook Page you administrate and create a chatbot for it, right from the dashboard. Learn how.

Note: You need a premium account to integrate a Facebook Messenger channel.

At the bottom the dashboard, you'll see a section called Other Chatbots that looks like this: 

Here you can:

  1. Create a new WhatsApp Chatbot - You can click on the first green icon to integrate any WhatsApp number and create a chatbot at the same time; Learn more
  2. Create a new Messenger Chatbot. You can click here to integrate a Facebook page and create a chatbot at the same time.
  3. Create a new API chatbot.If you've integrated a third-party channel into Landbot's dashboard, you can click here to create a chatbot for it. Learn more.

If you click the  Messenger Chatbot button, you'll be prompted to add a Facebook Page to integrate:

You need to choose if:

  1. You want to use an existing channel previously integrated into Landbot.
  2. You want to integrate a new Facebook Page, for which you'll need to:

    1. Click on the Log in button, that will redirect you to www.facebook.com and invite you to sign in.
    2. Sign in your Facebook Account.
    3. Select the page you want to integrate - of those you administrate - using the drop-down. You might not find the page you're looking for due to i) you don' have the right permissions or ii) you're Facebook Page is not active.
    4. Click Save Changes to enter the chatbot builder and now you'll see the option to disable or delete the chatbot:

    5. Click on Builder to begin your creation. You might notice fewer features that in landbot's chatbot builder and that's due to Facebook's limitations in terms of interface. That's why you can create the same chatbot for both landbot and Facebook Messenger.
    6. Whenever you're done with your creation, click "Share" on top, where you'll find your Facebook Page's URL in order to share it, and the possibility to use other Social Media apps too.

      If you click on  Embed into your website, instead of the HTML snippet to embed your landbot you'll find the  Facebook Messenger Button Code to add a button to your website visitors can click to start the conversation with your Messenger Page:

Feel free to test our own bot here.

Note: you need specific permissions in order to integrate a Facebook Page.  If you don't see it after logging in, contact your administrator for more information.

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