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Finally, the fifth and last step of the creation process: analyze. Measure conversions and check your visitor's information all from one place.

You need a Business Plan to unlock the ticketing feature and therefore see the Tickets section in Analyze.

The Analyze section is all about helping you make smarter decisions based on your Landbot's performance, so it's super important to understand it correctly. We've got four different sections here, let's discover more about them:

  1. Metrics.  Here we can check the conversion rate of our Landbot, paying attention to three different metrics:
    1. Interacted. These are the visitors that exchanged at least one input with the Landbot, AKA clicked on a button or sent a message aside from the Welcome Message. 
    2. Lead. Whenever we get a way of contacting the visitor later (email, phone, name?) it'll become a Lead. we've got data related to him/her!
    3. Finished. If they go through the whole chatbot flow and reach the end, we'll consider that interaction as 'finished'. Only 10% of your visitors are going until the end? Maybe you should put the most important information in the beginning. 
  2. Results. This section contains a table of all the leads generated and the data they provided, as well as the possibility to export all this information by downloading a CSV file to manage it later with any Business Intelligence tool (button Download): 

    Furthermore, now you can delete contacts (click on them and then on the bin icon) and add/remove columns by clicking on the eye icon.

  3. Flow Analytics. We have a specific article for this section but, in short, it allows you to measure - in both absolute and relative terms - your block-by-block conversion.

    Learn more about this section here.
  4. Tickets. This last section is usually used to measure the performance of your Customer Care team and the status of each conversation to whom we have assigned a ticket. If we have no tickets, it will look like this:

    Learn more about the Ticketing feature and the Tickets section here.

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