Referral Program

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Can you think of anything better than getting rewards for using your favorite app? Learn how our Referral Program works here.

To access your Referal Dashboard click on Refer friends on the top right of the app:

You'll find there the following screen:

On the left side of the screen (left to right) we can find:

  1. Current month referrals. The number of accounts created using your link during the current month.
  2. Your position. In the center, you can check your absolute position among all the other Landbot accounts in the current month. 
  3. All-time referrals. The number of accounts registered with your Referral URL since the beginning of time!

On the right side of the screen you'll find:

  1. Referral URL. The URL you should share with your friends and they need to use to register an account in order to count as your referral.
  2. Social Sharing buttons. Share your referral URL automatically through WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or email. When clicked, you'll be prompted to log into your account to generate the message.
  3. Reward list. The gift list depending on your performance and actions. Remember you always get good karma!
Some other important things to know...

  • To be qualified as a referral, the referred account needs to have had at least 10 chats within the first month.

  • We'll check numbers at the end of every natural month at 11:59:59 PST.

  • We'll communicate the winners in the first week of every month, and expect you to show your presents with the world through Social Media and help us spread the love! ❤️
  • Each account can only win each prize once.
  • If you're interested in the Business Plan, the #1 reward can become a lifetime 50 € discount on your Business Subscription.
 Landbot reserves the right to void any prize if it considers that reasonable use policies have been violated.

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