Do you offer Start-up discounts?

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We are proud to support Start-up companies with a 50% discount on our products. To qualify for this program, please apply via our Start-up discount application bot below.

The discount is available to any company that meets all the following requirements:

  1. It is privately held;
  2. Has been in business for no more than 2 years;
  3. Has less than 10 employees;
  4. Has less than 1K revenue per month;
  5. It is an established business with a website and/or existing public references on the Internet;
  6. You need to share with us an official document that certificates your Start-up status.

If your company meets these criteria, apply for your discount now.

The Start-up discount is life time valid and usable for one of our plan. After your application is approved, one member of our Customer Success Team will contact you in 7 working days and eventually provide you with the discount code.

Go to the Start-up plan discount application bot

Please, note that we will periodically review your Start-up status and if we consider that any of the above requirements are not any longer met, we will cancel your discount.

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